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See the smallest Christmas tree in the world. It was created in the laboratory and consists of only 51 atoms

See the smallest Christmas tree in the world. It was created in the laboratory and consists of only 51 atomsSome people have great aspirations to put the largest Christmas tree in their homes and show it to their friends, while others can create it on a scale that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

The atomic Christmas tree was created in the laboratory of the Delft University of Technology. Maura Willems, a physics student, decided to create the smallest Christmas tree in the world. The Christmas tree is made of just 51 atoms and is 4 nanomers tall. Human hair is a giant with it, because it is as much as 40,000 times narrower than it.

The student in her experiment used a scanning tunneling microscope that can scan individual atoms to build small structures. In fact, with its help you can build whatever you want. The device creates structures atom by atom. It can easily build objects the size of a ARTS AND CINEMA strand.

Behold, the world's smallest

The Christmas tree, which is actually a triangle, is quite a graceful structure to create in the nano scale. Willems admitted that it would be much more difficult to build a snowflake. Its scale, however, would have to be much larger, because only then would we be able to create such infinite patterns as it is in the standard scale.

Korean artificial sun has set a new world record for plasma maintenance

Korean artificial sun has set a new world record for plasma maintenanceGreat news comes from South Korean scientists working on the KSTAR tokamak. It managed to set a new plasma maintenance record and made a big step towards the commercialization of these devices.

The Chinese recently boasted of launching their new nuclear fusion reactor, the HL-2M (EAST project), and producing plasma, and now their achievements have been eclipsed by the Koreans. KSTAR is much more advanced and efficient. Scientists conducted an experiment in which they managed to create a plasma with a temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius and hold it for 20 seconds.

Thus, they broke the world record from 4 and 5 years ago. The reaction then took 55 seconds and 70 seconds, but the temperature was 50 moviesider degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, the Chinese managed to keep the plasma for 102 seconds, also at this temperature. Now the Koreans are trying to increase the plasma holding time at twice the temperature.

The aim of the work on fusion reactors is to create plasma with a temperature of 100 million degrees, which is as much as 7 times greater than that prevailing inside the Sun, and maintain it for 120 seconds. Then it will be possible to talk about a revolutionary breakthrough, thanks to which the energy obtained from this technology will start to be profitable. Scientists from KSTAR want to do this by 2025.

In the future, the efficiency of artificial suns will be thousands of times greater than even the largest nuclear power plants operating today, while the electricity they produce will be much cheaper, and the entire process of obtaining it will be safer and, most importantly, fully environmentally friendly.

Several countries around the world are currently working on artificial suns. One of the largest projects is currently being implemented in France. ITER is being built there, a European fusion reactor, which is to be ready in 2025. Then the tests will begin and will last for 10 years. Experts believe that ITER will be able to achieve a positive energy balance in the first half of the 1930s. Interestingly, scientists from the Polish Academy of Sciences are taking part in the project.

After a year of the pandemic, the richest 1 percent own the wealth of half of humanity

After a year of the pandemic, the richest 1 percent own the wealth of half of humanityAccording to the latest financial reports, the world's top ten richest people have doubled their fortunes over the past year, and the top 1 percent of the richest now own half of the world's population.

According to Credit Suisse estimates, 2020 and the global pandemic turned out to be a very good time for billionaires. The money they invested earned them more than if CoVID-19 had not emerged. The total wealth of billionaires is already a record $ 10.2 trillion.

Experts say that to belong to the top 10 percent of the richest people in the world, you need at least 90,000 euros. 47 million millionaires own 44 percent of the world's private wealth, and 550 million people worldwide own 83 percent of the world's heritage.

The data on the comparison of the richest and the poorest look even more interesting. Then the 26 richest people in the world have the same wealth as the poorer part of the population, i.e. 3.8 billion people. But that's not all, the 2,153 richest people own the wealth of 4.6 billion of the poorest part of the population.

Only 1 percent of the population owns 48 percent of the world's wealth and at the same time grabs 83 percent hollywoodthinker what we produced in 2019. What can I say, the rich are becoming more and more wealthy, and the poor are making more and more poverty.

In 2019, the wealth of more than 2,200 billionaires living in various countries around the world increased by $ 1 trillion, or about $ 2.7 billion a day. Meanwhile, the poorest have lost as much as 13 percent of their existing financial resources.

This clearly shows that the poor in our world is not decreasing, but is growing drastically quickly. Global corporations are already as influential as the richest countries, and they do absolutely nothing to fight for a better existence of humanity, because they only care about the desire for even greater profit.

The wealth of the 22 richest men is equal to that of all women in Africa. Women around the world work a total of 12.5 billion hours a day unpaid. So women's unpaid labor is worth nearly $ 10.8 trillion.

Every day, 4.5 billion people across the planet do not have free access to a toilet, and 800 million people live without access to drinking water. Every day 10,000 people die worldwide due to lack of access to healthcare, and an additional 262 million children do not go to school because their parents do not have the money to educate them.

Ocean trenches are the best way to combat plastic in the oceans

Ocean trenches are the best way to combat plastic in the oceansTons of plastic garbage end up in the oceans every year, but unfortunately we still have no idea what exactly happens to it when it ends up there.

The reason we find it difficult to track plastic litter contaminating water bodies is that once it enters the oceans, it is subjected to forces that break it down into tiny fragments called microplastics that measure less than 5mm. As you can easily guess, their monitoring is practically impossible, although new research sheds some light on the matter, showing what role ocean ditches can play in the movement of plastic waste in the oceans. Scientists focused on the Kuril-Kamchatka Riv in the northwestern Pacific, which is 9,750 meters deep, from where eight sediment samples were collected during the 2016 expedition.

This was done at four depths, i.e. 5143 m, 6065 m, 7138 m and 8255 m, and then the necessary analyzes were carried out by mass spectrometry. As a result, 15 different types of plastic have been found in the ocean sediment, including those typical of packaging, such as polyethylene and polypropylene. - The proportions of microplastics in our samples ranged from 14 to 209 particles per 1000 grams of dry sludge. The most frequent occurrence of microplastics was recorded at one of the deepest sampling stations. Apparently, significantly larger amounts of microplastics accumulate in the deeper regions. Probably because the particles can easily get in here, but they get trapped. These ditches act like real plastic traps, the researchers explain.

All the microplastic particles found by the researchers measured less than 375 micrometers and most were less than 125 micrometers. And while they are tiny, scientists say they are probably the missing piece of the puzzle called ocean plastic estimates. - Global estimates of the extent of microplastics in the oceans indicate that there must be a portion that exists outside the water column and is missing from the estimate. The accumulation of microplastics in these regions may represent this missing share. Microplastic at these depths also means that the basics of the food chain are at risk, as many invertebrates feed on sediment, including microplastic. Therefore, future generations will face the consequences of RECENT ENTERTAINMENT environmental pollution for many years, the researchers add.

Forget consoles for Christmas. You will have a lot more fun with these board games!

Forget consoles for Christmas. You will have a lot more fun with these board games!If you've read our article about the new generation of consoles, you know very well that it may not be possible to buy them for Christmas. However, it is not worth crying because of this, because it is a great opportunity to try something else that will work even better in the family circle.

The more so that in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which very often forces us to be even more dependent on electronics and technology, sometimes it's good to reset with something more analog. Board games are one of the best options, so we will try to convince you of this hobby by presenting noteworthy titles, both for beginners who are just starting their adventure with this world, and more experienced players. Or maybe you think that board games are not for you, because it's fun for the youngest or just plain boring?

It's time to end stereotypes

In that case, we'll start by disenchanting those stereotypes that probably stemmed from the fact that you've tried the wrong games. If your idea of ​​board games is based on such titles as Chinese or Monopoly (or Eurobusiness), it is hardly surprising that you do not associate them with high emotions, exciting gameplay or just having fun. Although both of these titles are classics that are very popular and many of us spent a lot of time with them with our family, they are mechanically ... boring. Similarly to the Talisman, also known in our country as Magic and the Sword, which, although tempting with the subject of classic fantasy and the vision of an amazing adventure, can drag on for hours without offering a satisfactory conclusion, but only a relief that it is over.

Meanwhile, modern board games make interesting choices for players and give the feeling that the result depends on our decisions, not accidental dice rolls (although there is nothing wrong with dice rolling and there are games that have mastered it to the championship). In addition, if you have not played board games for a long time and you have not dealt with them in recent years, you may be surprised how effective they look on the table, tempting with the graphics and components alone. Ordinary plastic pieces have long gone into oblivion and nowadays wooden meeples (human-shaped elements) or even extremely detailed plastic figures are used. In addition, there are meticulously made and decorated boards, tiles, cards and tokens that please the eye at every step and encourage you to play. Just like various topics - horror in the atmosphere of H. P. Lovecraft's novels, detective detective stories, classic fantasy or science-fiction set in the world of Star Wars. The board game market is already so large that everyone will find something for themselves.

Because it's always better in a group

Coming back to the topic of comparing with video games, board games have one major advantage over them. While we usually play computer games alone, or with other players online, in the case of board games the opposite is true. This means that although some of them allow you to play solo, most of them require a larger group (usually from 2 players up). Direct contact with your teammates allows you to tighten ties, and in this respect, board games are unrivaled - there is nothing like great fun and an evening full of emotions with friends. Of course, in the current pandemic situation, it is better to limit yourself to the hour and the nearest, but when the situation returns to normal, it can also be a great excuse to expand the group of your friends.

Unfortunately, such a large selection can be a headache, especially for beginners. And since it is not worth throwing yourself into deep waters at the beginning, because we can quickly bounce off the game, the manual of which is 40 pages long, some help will be useful. At the beginning, it is worth experimenting a bit to see what games we like the most - maybe economic euro games, where randomness is limited to a minimum, and the winning is determined by the best strategy and optimization of moves, maybe the so-called ameritrashe, i.e. titles focused more on adventure, emotion and pure fun, where there is usually a lot of randomness related to wholesale dice, and maybe logical games where we will strain gray cells by solving new puzzles. Well, modern board games are often a hybrid of different genres and it is difficult to classify them clearly, so there is nothing else but to try.

... but what to choose?

And this is where our proposals come into play, making this difficult task a bit easier, with which every geek will have a great time - solo, with other positively twisted geeks or the whole family. We tried to choose the titles so that everyone would find something interesting here, regardless of their experience, favorite genre or subject matter, and we have included on the list both great hits, played by the whole world, and less obvious productions, which, however, have a huge potential. Another factor was also very important to us, namely ... the games are meant to be a Christmas gift for loved ones (which we will test together right away), so they have to be safe and not cost a fortune, because it was an extremely difficult year for everyone. Enjoy reading and playing!

Twang! Don't Tease The Dragon (Lucrum Games)

An undisputed hit of recent months, if not years, that literally everyone will like. Really, we don't know a person who, after an exciting and laughable treasure hunt, would say that they don't want to play it anymore. We will definitely encounter a situation where some people will not want to play anything else (seriously, tested!). What is equally important, it is a game whose rules are literally a few pages and can be explained to others in a few moments, which means that Brzdęk can be a great game to start your adventure with board games, after which we will either reach for more similar suggestions, or we will decide on the next level of initiation, i.e. games of a slightly heavier caliber. What is it all about? Players take on the role of thieves, whose task is to collect as many treasures and artifacts as possible and leave the dungeons in front of their companions ... without irritating the title dragon. Along the way, we recruit allies, fight opponents, collect precious valuables and do our best not to make too much noise, because each Brzdęk can trigger an attack of an angry reptile, who will not be happy that someone steals his trinkets. The game is based on the deck building mechanics, i.e. everyone starts with a specific set of cards, which over time supplies them with better and better ones, allowing you to move, fight, collect treasures and buy new abilities, so that ultimately you get the most points on your account.

Trip to El Dorado (Our Bookstore)

There will also be treasures in the legendary city of El Dorado, which we will try to reach as expedition leaders in this board game - this is one of the candidates for the Spiel des Jahres award and the winner of this year's Board Game of the Year, i.e. the most prestigious award in our country . So many people can't be wrong and we are of the opinion that they are right, because the Expedition to El Dorado is simply a great game that is simple enough for beginners, but at the same time can be demonstrated by more experienced players, and this combination is always nice seen. As we have already mentioned, in the game we will play the role of the organizers of an expedition, whose task is to set off into the jungle full of dangers and find the legendary El Dorado, where supposedly only treasures await (the experience of the conquistadors suggests otherwise, but who would not want to be the first to cross the gates of this miracle? ). However, it is easy to speak and definitely more difficult to do, which is why we have many difficult decisions ahead of us - a ship or a plane, natives or a specialized guide, what equipment to take and what route to choose? There can be only one winner, so better not to think too long, because someone else will take the fame from under your nose!

Tiny Epic: Mechs (Fishbone Games)

The year is 3030. Technology has dominated the entertainment industry. Reality, once referred to as virtual, has become a new everyday life, and sports that used to be hosted on flat screens have entered the third dimension on a global scale. The most popular of them are a perfect example of the present state of evolution, and these are extraordinary performances called M.E.C.H .: The Mechanical Extra League of Cybernetic Heroes. It sounds interesting? Definitely! Especially if you like the atmosphere of the future and mechs, as well as competition - in this case Tiny Epic: MECHS is perfect, because players play the role of well-trained mech pilots who have 6 rounds to defeat the opponent and win the duel. Every round we move around the arena, set up turrets and explosive mines, collect resources, buy weapons, put on power armor, and sometimes take control of a mega-machine. In short, we use all available means on our way to glory, which is not as easy as it might seem at first - the game may fit in a tiny box (as suggested by the series name - Tiny Epic), but it's actually full Learn and master the content and mechanics before we steal our viewers' hearts and become the MECH League champions! This is the perfect gift for every guy, and as you know, it is with them that the biggest gift problems are always :)

Last Aurora (Portal Games)

This is an offer for people who have had contact with board games before, because the title is a bit more demanding, and its heavy post-apocalyptic atmosphere will not appeal to everyone. However, if you like survival games in a freezing wasteland where everything seems to work against you, then you are at home. Here we find ourselves in a very unpleasant world full of rebellious machines, radioactive dust and eternal winter, where we will play the role of group leaders trying to lead their people to the title Aurora - an icebreaker, the last hope of humanity, who flows along the coast in search of survivors. As you can easily guess, the task will not be easy, because on the way we will face a lot of unpleasantness, both natural and from enemies who will try to stop our convoy and deprive us of the chance to survive, and here every second counts. In short, there is no shortage of climate, and from the mechanical point of view, we are dealing with a game in which we will collect loot cards, explore the area, collect items to improve the convoy, fight, gather new survivors and, above all, how to most effectively manage resources that are very limited . The game can be played by 1 to 4 players, each of whom will do everything to ensure that his convoy does the best and reaches Aurora, which often means taking valuable resources and anticipating the movements of other players to get the best out of it .

Get on a train. Europe (Rebel)

Another absolute classic and winner of many awards (including the most prestigious Spiel des Jahres), where there is no mistake and a great Christmas gift for people of all ages. Especially now, when classic travel is not possible, because the game is about building railway connections between specific locations and allows for a virtual journey through the most important cities of the Old Continent at the turn of the last century. In this particular case, because it is worth noting that the series has had many other versions, in which we will find our way to most of the continents of our globe - at the beginning, however, we recommend Europe, and then you can try additions that often introduce new mechanisms. Everyone can handle the game because the rules are as simple as possible - just a moment of translating and everyone knows what to do and how to do it. In a nutshell, players collect cards with images of carriages and use them to build stations and, above all, railway lines between cities, which they have indicated on the task cards drawn at the beginning of the game, using plastic cars of the color selected at the beginning. The goals of the players are secret, so when building, we often spoil the plans of other people who wanted to put their cars on the same route and force them to change their strategy.

Boarding (Our Bookstore)

And since we are already traveling, we have one more proposal for you, but this time we aim higher ... literally, because we change the means of transport from trains to planes. We will also not create air connections or build airports, but we will deal with another very difficult task, namely the proper seating of passengers on our plane. And although at first glance there is nothing difficult about it, the passengers in this game are very demanding and it certainly cannot be left to chance. So let's go! Lovers would love to sit next to each other, children must have adults next to them, businessmen, tourists and environmentalists like to be in their own circle, and some of them must admire the views from the window seat, others prefer to sit by the aisle to avoid scuffle ... and how to reconcile it all? Let's face it, it will not be easy, and the person who is the best in this role of the organizer wins. And remember, although you can always ask someone who does not suit us very well, it is not in the style of reputable airlines, and additionally gives us negative points. As you can see, the game allows for a lot of ideas, but at the same time has very simple and transparent rules, so everyone will learn them without any problems - a great proposition for the beginning of the adventure, but also the old people having fun with it.

Detective - Season One (Portal Games)

Or maybe you've always dreamed of becoming a private detective or a police investigator and solving the most difficult cases like Sherlock Holmes, Lieutenant Columbo or Kojak? We have good news, because board games provide such an opportunity, it is enough to reach for the Detektyw series, for which the recognized Polish author of games, Ignacy Trzewiczek, is responsible. At the beginning, the best choice seems to be Detective - Season One, in which players are given 3 mysterious cases to solve. So we will pursue the murderer of a fingerprint specialist, look for motives and clues in an English mansion full of suspects and try to solve a mysterious mystery in the mafia world. Okay, but how is it played? Each case has its own deck of 24 cards, from which we learn new facts, along the way, writing down tips, thoughts and connecting facts, gradually getting closer to the finale, and it is only up to us whether we can catch the murderers or get away with the crimes . We also get new investigators with special abilities and 24 portraits of suspects, with the help of which we can create our own network of criminal connections, allowing us to better understand the atmosphere and definitely facilitate solving the puzzle. In the worst case, use the notebook, because don't count on you being able to remember everything!

KeyForge (Rebel)

As we should still limit social contacts due to the pandemic, games where already 2 people can have fun may also be a good idea. All kinds of card games will work great here, but remember that they are primarily for people who like a touch of competition - after all, it's about beating your opponent directly! KeyForge stands out here clearly, because although there are many games of this genre on the market, we mostly build our decks ourselves, improving them cards during the game, and here we use ready-made individual sets. Individual to such an extent that, as the creators assure, each deck at All About Movies is as unique as the person who wields it. This means that decks do not repeat themselves, so each duel will be a surprise for us and we will have to learn to react quickly to our opponent's unique moves. For the same reason, the game will not necessarily work for people who are completely new to the genre, for whom it can be simply very stressful - not only do they have to learn the rules (of which there are some), but they are not able to predict what awaits them. In the case of more experienced players, however, it can be a bull's eye, especially if they like games with atmosphere, because there is plenty of it here. During the game, we play the role of Archons competing for the first to discover the treasures of the Crucible - an extraordinary world made of planetary elements. But the task is not easy, so we must use all available resources, creatures, technologies, artifacts and skills!

Kreologia (Fishbone Games)

Or maybe we could face monsters, but not with swords, but with books, in the name of science? Kreology is undoubtedly one of the most unique games on our list for several reasons. First of all, it is beautifully made and in the box you will find a lot of colorful elements that ask you to take them out on the table and play. What's more, this production is mechanically very interesting, and this is due to an unusual genre treatment - at first glance it looks like a dungeon crawler, in which we usually explore new areas to eliminate all enemies that will wind up under the dwarven ax (elf's bow). , knight's sword ... choose your favorites). Meanwhile, it may be a dungeon crawler, but for people who are more peaceful, because instead of killing, we will ... learn about the customs, culture and beliefs of the encountered creatures, and there will also be elements typical of euro games! In the game we play the role of Renaissance scholars exploring dungeons and collecting information about the creatures inhabiting them, all in order to win a competition for a vacant position of a professor at the strangest university in the world. There is only one problem, mythical beings will not necessarily be happy with our presence, because no one likes being stuck in their own affairs, right? And watch out for dishonest scholars (read: comrades), because some may take shortcuts and just steal our discoveries!

DC Superhero Duel and Evil Forever (Egmont)

Superheroes and their worst enemies - this fight never ends and that's good, because it's also a lot of fun! Especially if we can not only watch heroes on the screen (which unfortunately did not work this year), but also impersonate them, getting a substitute for their superpowers. We get this opportunity in the card games Duel of Superheroes and Eternal Evil, where we lead the fight respectively of superheroes and super villains from the DC stable. And although these are two separate games, we decided to include them in one point, because they are really based on the same mechanics, and the fundamental change comes down to who and with whom we will fight - in Superhero Duel, we play the heroes and defeat rogues, and Eternity of Evil allows you to change sides to super villains and kick the heroes ... who likes what! Either way, we are dealing with a deck building card game, i.e. each player starts with the same set of cards, which he then develops, buying better and better, until he is ready to defeat the super villains or superheroes. Before the game, we also choose one hero / villain card, in which we will play, gaining a superpower that makes the game easier. It is also worth emphasizing, although the game is about combat, the person with more points wins, so people who have problems with direct competition will also have a great time with it. And after a few games, we can still reach for additions, such as Rogues, which introduce new mechanics, enemies, characters ... and the fun starts from the beginning!

Amazing movie from the moment of landing the Starship prototype and its explosion

Amazing movie from the moment of landing the Starship prototype and its explosionOn December 9, just before midnight Polish time, SpaceX carried out an almost fully successful maiden flight of another Starship prototype, designated SN8. The landing looked spectacular.

The video shows all the details of the ship's structure, and even the moment of using the aerodynamic surfaces and firing the engines, as it approaches the landing pad of the SpaceX test facility in Boca Chica, Texas. In the final phase of the flight, there was a problem with the top fuel tank and one of the Raptor engines failed. The result of this in the video is the green color of the flames coming out of one of the engines.

As a result of the failure, the engine system did not have enough power to brake the heavy rocket, which resulted in it hitting the landing pad and a spectacular explosion. Elon Musk tweeted that the engineers already know how to fix the problem, so soon we will be able to see another prototype called SN9 in the sky.

The head cinema scanner the SpaceX company also announced that the first unmanned flight to the Red Planet will take place in 2024, and a manned flight in 2026. Both will be realized using the Starship ship and the SuperHeavy rocket. But it is not everything. Already in 2022, we can witness a manned flight around the moon. The Japanese billionaire and his friends are to go on such a journey.

Denmark wants to be organic. The country is ending offshore oil and gas extraction

Denmark wants to be organic. The country is ending offshore oil and gas extractionThe country's authorities have announced that by 2050 they will completely abandon the production of gas and oil at sea, all in the fight for a better future.

Denmark has long talked about the need to fight climate change and reach for solutions that are better for our planet, setting an example for other countries. Even if it means abandoning much of its tradition related to fossil fuels, because, according to the Press Association and Greenpeace, the Danish parliament has just voted to end oil and gas production in the North Sea by 2025. Thus, it cancels and revokes all exploration and production permits in order to complete the mining works that are currently underway in the coming years.

The idea met with a huge, multi-party warm reception and it does not seem that anything will change in the near future, and it is worth remembering that Denmark has been producing gas and oil offshore since 1972. However, it should be noted that despite this, it will not be such a drastic cost for this country to slow down climate change as it is for Media Joker because this relatively wealthy nation produces "only" 100,000 barrels of crude oil and equivalents daily, while in the that's a million, and in the United States, 19 million!

In short, Denmark can afford to give up such gas and oil production, while for other countries it will be very painful. Especially that recently state authorities also put a lot of emphasis on the digital economy and we recently heard, for example, that Microsoft wants to build its data center in Denmark. Nevertheless, the gesture itself is significant, because Denmark is the main producer of oil and gas in the European Union and, according to the government's estimates, this decision may cost the country over USD 2 billion. So let's hope this will be a good example for other countries that still rely heavily on fossil fuels.

As many as 1 billion people will be within the range of the super-fast 5G network by the end of this year

As many as 1 billion people will be within the range of the super-fast 5G network by the end of this yearEricsson has just shared with us its estimates of the implementation of the 5G network around the world, which, in his opinion, will already reach 3.5 billion people by the end of 2026.

Although many analysts suggest that the implementation of the 5G network has clearly slowed down and will continue to slow down due to the classic adaptation course and the coronavirus pandemic, Ericsson still believes that in about 5 years as much as 60% of the world's population will be able to enjoy the new connectivity technology. In its latest Mobility Report, published this week, the telecommunications giant estimates that by the end of this year, we will reach approximately 220 million subscriptions for 5G services worldwide, and at the same time, 1 billion people will be within the network's reach.

This is an increase from the previous estimate of 190 million subscribers driven by strong sales of 5G-enabled devices, 80% of which were observed in China. According to Ericsson, this is largely due to much faster adaptation than expected, driven by strategic national goals, intense competition between service providers, and much more affordable 5G smartphones from many different vendors.

To better visualize what situation in China rebounding after the pandemic we are currently talking about, it is worth mentioning that Xiaomi sold 35% more smartphones in the third quarter of this year than in the corresponding period of last year, ranking 3rd on the list of the largest smartphone manufacturers in the world and pushing Apple itself off the podium. At the same Arts www worldwide growth in mobile subscriptions was rather slow over the same period, so Ericsson was forced to make a small adjustment in this area. And so, the company expects the number of mobile subscriptions to reach 8.8 billion by the end of 2026, of which 3.5 billion is for 5G - June estimates indicated 2.8 billion 5G subscriptions by the end of 2025.

In the meantime, LTE is expected to reach its peak of adaptation in 2021 and remain the dominant mobile technology for several more years, until most people decide to switch to 5G, which, given some conspiracy theories about this network, may be difficult. There is hope, however, because currently over 100 network providers from around the world are working on the implementation of 5G, treating it as the main element of development, so the next decade looks very promising. Will it bring about resource-hungry technologies such as autonomous cars? Time will tell, but then we will be ready, at least in terms of high-speed Internet.

Great Britain urges technology giants to fight e-waste

Great Britain urges technology giants to fight e-wasteWe have a problem with electronic waste all over the world, but in Europe there are two disgraceful leaders - Norway and Great Britain, but the latter decided to do something about it.

We would like to remind you that e-waste, or electrowaste, is used electrical and electronic equipment that cannot be thrown away together with other rubbish, because it contains many harmful substances. The rules of dealing with electrowaste and its recovery are regulated by national and European Union regulations. In some countries this problem is smaller, in others it is huge and, according to the recently published report of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), Great Britain is among the leaders of the latter group.

It is true that some responsibility is shifted here on the technological giants who discourage users from repairing (or even preventing it) or long use of their devices, but in fact a lot depends on consumer practices. Anyway, how bad is it in the UK? It is estimated that each citizen generates an average of 23.9 kg of electrowaste annually, which gives the infamous second place in Europe, just behind Norway. A large proportion of this garbage is incinerated or landed in landfills, and around 40% is sent abroad, often illegally: - In countries that receive our electronic garbage, it most often ends up abandoned somewhere illegally, with toxic chemicals leaking into the environment and damaging residents, suggests the EAC.

The report indicates that network sellers like Amazon and eBay are not always treated like sellers or manufacturers, so they are under no obligation to be involved in the collection and recycling of such waste, which should change. The committee urges them to "collect products and pay for their recycling, to create a network of understanding with physical sellers and producers who do not sell on their platforms." The EAC also raised the issue of deliberate aging of products and shortening their TV Review as this practice prompts consumers to buy new products when they could use old ones and protect the environment by reducing waste.

Companies that often make it difficult to repair their products, for example by gluing elements, have also been hit. The committee also pointed to Apple's practice, which counts so much for repairing equipment that it is more economical to buy new ones, while this should not be the case. Technology companies should show the way to create sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses that do not rely on overexploitation of nature and resources, its members explained. As you can easily guess, Apple does not quite like it, which explains that no one took into account his efforts to protect the planet and the fact that repairing its products has never been so readily available and effective. Amazon also chipped in its 3 cents, reporting it has recycled over 10,000 tons of electronic waste in the UK over the past decade. However, it seems that this is still not enough ...

Coca-Cola presented its first eco-bottle made of ... paper

Coca-Cola presented its first eco-bottle made of ... paperThe Coca-Cola Company has ambitious plans for the future related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. I want to do this in a very interesting way with new bottles.

Limiting CO2 emissions to the atmosphere is already a standard among global concerns. Unfortunately, this is not enough to better care for the environment. That is why Coca-Cola decided to go a step further and use its customers to make itself a greener company and to give us the satisfaction that we are doing something important for Mother Nature.

Engineers from Coca-Cola and the Danish company Paboco designed and created a new, eco-friendly bottle that will soon be selling carbonated drinks. The first prototype is 30 percent paper, but the target is 100 percent. It will not be easy to create such a packaging, but the engineers do not lose hope.

“Our goal is to create a paper bottle that can be recycled exactly like any other type of paper. This prototype is the first step towards achieving this Epic Movie News goal. The paper bottle offers completely new possibilities and we are convinced that it will play a huge role in the future, ”said Stijn Franssen, innovation manager for packaging research and development at Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola wants to completely eliminate plastics in its bottles. There is still a long way to go, but despite this fact, the concern intends to increase the recycling of its cans and bottles in the next 10 years. The plan is to recycle as much packaging as is produced at the same time. It should also be emphasized that the first prototype of a paper bottle can now be fully recycled.