Oral-B presents a new smart brush with the support of artificial intelligence

How can the philosophy of brushing? Or we use a traditional toothbrush, or reach for modern solutions, such as electric toothbrushes or sonic, is not it? Well, no! Yes and no, because it proves how Oral-B toothbrushes nowadays also need to be intelligent and the most advanced they can count on the support of advanced artificial intelligence. Or so says the producer, who brought this year’s CES its latest model, namely the Oral-B iO. There’s no denying that this has extensive experience in the subject and you only need to mention priced at $220 model of the Genius X, which used the data collected by sensors and algorithm AI to send you suggestions on places that require more attention. This time, the Oral-B provides, however, that his artificial intelligence and algorithms have entered a whole new level to “help the user achieve perfect brushing in all 16 areas for emergency oral health.” Sounds like a good marketing gimmick? Of course, especially when combined with information about the six years of intensive work, customer reviews in 1800 and more than 250 patents from around the world – but we still have to deal with the electric toothbrush and its associated application, which is not offered by any novelty. This does not mean, however, that Oral-B is not tempted to about any changes, because these can be seen both in design (like Genius X is available in black) and functionalities. For example, a toothbrush in real time brushing our tracks, so it is able to immediately prompt, which places not devoted too much attention. The device also lived to see the new magnetic drive, which is responsible for fibers and micro vibration own screen that allows you to preview and select the cleaning mode. Besides, we already have a standard Bluetooth or with the application, the speed of 145 Hz and 12.5 days of battery life, which is achieved after 3 hours of charging. Price? So far remains a mystery, as the release date of the Oral-B iO.