SpaceX NASA realize the historical mission, which will be crucial for humanity

American Space Agency already trusts us enough to Elon Musk, that begins to entrust the implementation of the most critical missions, not only in terms of scientific, but also the future of all humanity.We remind you that recently SpaceX NASA asked for help in the mission called Asteroid Deflection and Impact Assessment (AIDA), which wants to achieve with the European Space Agency. Within the framework of a special vehicle formed Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), the aim of which will be flight to the asteroid Didymus (65803) and making her impact.Scientists want to test this technology, which can be beneficial when the Earth threaten a space rock. This may all seem like a script for a sci-fi, but the future of our planet and of humanity inhabiting it does not look in the pink colors. Astronomers warn that the threat could come at any time, and our civilization is not completely ready for it. NASA informed that one of the most breakneck mission in the history of mankind, worth 69 million US dollars, will turn the company SpaceX. The role of people Elon Musk will be to successfully launch vehicle into space by rocket Falcon-9. Home is scheduled for June 2021 year Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. New missions for NASA SpaceX great contribution to the development of humanity. Fig. NASA. Now we learn that the agency plans to carry out with the help of another great SpaceX mission, because the worth over $ 50 million. As for the X-ray Imaging Polarimetry Explorer (IXPE), the orbital observatory of cosmic radiation. More than 290-pound device will consist of three instruments, whose task will be to conduct measurements of the polarization of radiation from various sources. IXPE device will be elevated into orbit at 540 km altitude and set in a place where there is no impact of anomalies in the magnetic field caused by the presence of the inner Van Allen belt. NASA wants to acquire more data on radiation threatening humanity derived from the most energetic objects in deep space.In the coming years, the agency plans to ask the company Elon Musk another key missions. SpaceX certainly has a great reputation not only in the space industry, but above all, it is able to carry out missions much cheaper than the competition, which is for NASA a very important aspect in the planning of the mission economically reasonable.