After the end of The Big Bang Theory Thats what the stars next

After the end of “The Big Bang Theory”: That’s what the stars next

After 12 seasons, “The Big Bang Theory” now moves on ProSieben over. But the stars of the hit sitcom already have the next promising projects in the pipeline. We tell you what Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco and Co. are currently working.

For twelve years, “The Big Bang Theory” coined the TV and sitcom landscape. But after twelve seasons with a total of 279 episodes it says goodbye – and now also in Germany. ProSieben shows the great “Big Bang Theory” finale today, November 25, 2019 from 20.15 as a double episode. How emotionally the conclusion is advised, we have already stated elsewhere:

ProSieben shows the great “Big Bang Theory” finale today, November 25, 2019 from 20.15 as a double episode.

So emotional and surprising ending “The Big Bang Theory”

But even if we probably have to finally say goodbye so by Leonard, Penny and Co., the actors stay with us, of course, continue to receive. And now that their schedule have become empty again without “The Big Bang Theory”, most stars have already promising new projects snapped – and some even together.

And now that their schedule have become empty again without “The Big Bang Theory”, most stars have already promising new projects snapped – and some even together.

This makes “Sheldon” Jim Parsons next

Fan favorite Sheldon is the only “Big Bang” figure that will continue to accompany us on the end of the series out – but in childhood in the spin-off “Young Sheldon”. This results in the USA in the third season (in Germany were only two visible), a fourth is ordered. And in the original version acts still original Sheldon Jim Parsons as narrator from the off.

But on camera, we will Parsons continue to get regular face – even if he is doing to show in the near future of a more serious side. As would be the one the drama “The Boys In The Band”, in which he will belong to the side of Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer to a group of gay men whose friendship is put at a birthday party to a severe test.

In addition, Parsons also part of the cast of “Hollywood”, the new Netflix series “American Horror Story” -Macher Ryan Murphy, in the golden age of the dream factory are illuminated in the 40s (starting probably in May 2020).

Away from the Parsons also is becoming more active as a producer. Besides “Young Sheldon” and have long planned “The Monarchy Is Going to Sh * t” he is also one of the minds behind the upcoming comedy series “Carla” in which none other than his “Big Bang” -Serienfrau Mayim will hold Bialik starred.

This makes “Leonard” Johnny Galecki next

“Leonard” Johnny Galecki has with “Rings” and “Bailey – A dog returns” last two trip to the big screen made, but now remains only once loyal to the home screen. He is currently again than to see David Healy in the second season of “Roseanne” -Ablegers “The Conners’. Whether the sitcom gets a third season, is still in the stars.

In addition, however Galecki potters also at the eSports sitcom “The Squad” which he is producing along with “The Big Bang Theory” -Episodenautor Anthony Del Broccolo. Whether he thereby perhaps occurs before the camera, is not yet known.

This makes “Penny” Kaley Cuoco next

Penny Actress Kaley Cuoco changed meanwhile, with an exciting role first to the animated tray. So it is the crazy DC villainess and ex-Joker-lover “Harley Quinn” borrow in the same series and bloody her voice. In the US, this is already on 29 November 2019 when streaming service DC Universe at the start. however, a German publication is not yet known.

Slightly different notes suggests Cuoco but then with the thriller series “The Flight Attendant” which was created by itself. In it she takes the titular lead role of a flight attendant who suddenly wakes up in a hotel in Dubai next to a corpse and then trying to figure out what is actually happening FMOVIES.

This makes “Raj” Kunal Nayyar next

Also Kunal “Raj” Nayyar wants to prove that he is determined not only comedy roles. Although he will again as a naked Glitter Troll Guy Diamond in animation adventure “Trolls 2 – Trolls World Tour” to hear and in the family comedy “Dogs Best Friend” (about a boy who sets up a telepathic link to his dog be) also seen.

In “Sweetness In The Belly” It is then, however dramatic. Main character of the best-selling film is from there but flee an English-born orphan (Dakota Fanning), which grows in Africa must and later vigorously for uses that other refugees will be helped.

This makes “Amy” Mayim Bialik next

After her time as Amy Mayim Bialik accepts that produced by her and Jim Parsons sitcom “Carla” just the next TV star. In the US remake “Miranda” the British series is to see it as the title character, who does not want more that you will be determined by others life, and so the money had actually set aside for a wedding her parents, uses for a cat to open -Café.

But even more exciting is that Bialik will soon also give her film debut Rege. For the drama “As Sick As They Made Us” to which she herself contributes the script, she has energetic play Event support from Hollywood veteran Dustin Hoffman and her former “Big Bang Theory” colleagues Simon Helberg brought on board ,

This makes “Howard” Simon Helberg next

Simon Helberg is working diligently to make his Howard behind. He will not only take into Mayim Bialik’s directorial debut “As Sick As They Made Us”, but also in the musical drama “Annette” a supporting role at the side of “Star Wars 9” -Bösewicht Adam Driver and Oscar winner Marion Cotillard ,

This makes “Bernadette” Melissa Rauch next

Melissa Rauch was just busy star in a supporting role in Steven Soderbergh to see Netflix movie “The Money Laundering”, but otherwise seems to take a little break. At least no new projects with it are known to date – but that is unlikely to change soon determined.


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