From the John Wick makers Korean action hit gets remake

From the “John Wick” makers: Korean action hit gets remake

Korean films are becoming more and more popular and are therefore regularly remade. With “Man From Nowhere”, the “John Wick” team Chad Stahelski and Derek Kolstad are now tackling an uncompromisingly tough action drama.

In addition to a few exceptions such as the romantic comedy “My Sassy Girl”, dark thrillers in particular have been remade in recent years when it comes to South Korea – from “Oldboy” to “Into The Mirror” to “Two Sisters”. And it will probably also be gloomy in the next US adaptation of a Korean genre highlight.

The makers of “John Wick” are working on a remake of “The Man From Nowhere”, as the industry magazine Deadline reports FMOVIES makers of “John Wick” are working on a remake of “The Man From Nowhere”

“John Wick” author Derek Kolstad will write the script, and director Chad Stahelski (“John Wick 1-3”) will produce the film – although he will probably not sit in the director’s chair. It is not yet known who will be staging.

With the remake of the Korean hit, which by the way is supposed to be called “Man From Nowhere”, the two now take on the challenge of not only achieving a similarly big success as with their stylish hit-hit series around Keanu Reeves – but also the furiously staged one To honor the original by Lee Jeong-beom.

It was at the top of the Korean cinema charts for a full five weeks in 2010 and grossed just under $ 43 million in its home country alone.

This is “The Man From Nowhere”

Actually, pawnbroker Tae-Sik Cha (Won Bin) just wants some peace and quiet. He goes about his job inconspicuously and withdrawn, without attracting too much attention – he only befriends a little girl So-Mi (Sae-Ron Kim) from the neighborhood. However, when mother and daughter were targeted by a greedy drug dealer, that was it for calm.

Tae-Sik declares war on the henchmen from the underworld and has no idea what it will trigger: When So-Mi is kidnapped and her mother is murdered, there is no turning back. The unscrupulous criminals messed with the wrong person – because Tae-Sik wasn’t always an inconspicuous pawnbroker …

The review of “The Man From Nowhere”

While it is still unclear when the remake will be released and who will be playing at all, you can get the original “The Man From Nowhere” on DVD and Blu-ray * and as a stream * to buy or rent. And if the story of the action drama is exactly to your taste, we have another tip for you:

Abduction, revenge and Scott Adkins await you in the trailer for “Seized”

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