Gremlins 3: what could the film have looked like according to its scriptwriter


The screenwriter Carl Ellsworth worked for several years on the long-term project “Gremlins 3”. What could the new cult beast adventure have looked like? He lifts the veil somewhat…

Watch Gremlins online. In the boxes for very long years, will the feature film Gremlins 3 see the light of day? The more time passes, the more doubt is allowed… While an animated series on cult critters is currently in development on behalf of the HBO Max platform, Carl Ellsworth, who was a screenwriter on this third opus, reveals at the microphone from the ComingSoon what this new adventure could have looked like on the big screen.

“The last time I worked on Gremlins 3 was three years ago,” said Carl Ellsworth, screenwriter of the feature film Enrage, with Russell Crowe (in theaters August 19). “I was so excited to be working on the film. I was fortunate enough to work with Chris Columbus (writer of the first installment, editor’s note), and I loved the story we wrote. so disappointed that it has not yet seen the light of day.”

According to Carl Ellsworth, his Gremlins 3 was “thought largely of a direct sequel to the first film. It was not to completely deny the second, but I really saw Gremlins 3 as a handover, where we would keep the same tone as the original work.” And to continue: “These small creatures, they are small killer critters full of composure, right? They are small psychotic creatures which kill everyone, we started from this idea to write Gremlins 3… I tried to preserve humor but, at the same time, I started writing while telling myself that it was above all a horror film.”

Carl Ellsworth, who indicates that his Gremlins 3 would have explored the mythology and history of little Gizmo more, does not know if the project will materialize. “You know, some things are born, others are put aside,” said the American, philosopher. “I have no idea what they are going to do with this scenario, but I hope, like everyone else, that something will happen, with my story or that of someone else.

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