Denmark wants to be organic. The country is ending offshore oil and gas extraction The country's authorities have announced that by 2050 they will completely abandon the production of gas and oil at sea, all in the fight for a better future.

Denmark has long talked about the need to fight climate change and reach for solutions that are better for our planet, setting an example for other countries. Even if it means abandoning much of its tradition related to fossil fuels, because, according to the Press Association and Greenpeace, the Danish parliament has just voted to end oil and gas production in the North Sea by 2025. Thus, it cancels and revokes all exploration and production permits in order to complete the mining works that are currently underway in the coming years.

The idea met with a huge, multi-party warm reception and it does not seem that anything will change in the near future, and it is worth remembering that Denmark has been producing gas and oil offshore since 1972. However, it should be noted that despite this, it will not be such a drastic cost for this country to slow down climate change as it is for Media Joker because this relatively wealthy nation produces "only" 100,000 barrels of crude oil and equivalents daily, while in the that's a million, and in the United States, 19 million!

In short, Denmark can afford to give up such gas and oil production, while for other countries it will be very painful. Especially that recently state authorities also put a lot of emphasis on the digital economy and we recently heard, for example, that Microsoft wants to build its data center in Denmark. Nevertheless, the gesture itself is significant, because Denmark is the main producer of oil and gas in the European Union and, according to the government's estimates, this decision may cost the country over USD 2 billion. So let's hope this will be a good example for other countries that still rely heavily on fossil fuels.