Forget the Harry Potter prequels: The most important animal is (finally!) Getting a third part

In the Harry Potter universe we got to know a whole range of fantastic animal creatures in recent years, above all the cute Niffler and a cat-like dragon. Even beyond the boundaries of the wizarding world, producer David Heyman gave us a fantastic animal that I definitely don't want to miss in the cinema: Paddington.

Harry Potter Producer brings Paddington 3 to theaters

The cuddly bear (originally spoken by Ben Whishaw) has conquered the big screen twice so far. A third adventure full of orange jam and courtesy is a long time coming despite the success of the predecessor. It has been four years since Paddington last visited us in the cinema. It is high time he returned.

As much as I'm looking forward to the next chapter in the Fantastic Beasts Story. The update for Paddington 3, which arrived a few days ago, sparked even more enthusiasm. As Variety has learned, the third film in the series is officially in production. Those responsible at Studiocanal are working with "the greatest care" on the long-awaited continuation.

Here you can see Paddington watch series online action:

Care is a good keyword because there have been few films in recent years as carefully designed as Paddington 1 and 2. Director and screenwriter Paul King has created a small, fascinating world that looks like the extension of Wes Anderson's dollhouses in the streets of London. Amiable characters and exciting stories await here.

Paddington 3 and the big bad guy question

The opponents turned out to be a special highlight of the first two films. In the first part it is Nicole Kidman who - in the truest sense of the word - wants to pull the fur over the ears of the friendly bear. Hugh Grant then took on the role of antagonist and even delighted with a wonderful musical interlude, which was one of the great achievements of cinema in the 2010s.

Who will play the bad guy in Paddington 3 has not yet been determined. Paul King brought up the name Javier Bardem in an interview with Letterboxd three years ago. He has already brought iconic villains to life in No Country for Old Men and James Bond 007 - Skyfall. Despite the good conditions, Bardem only fits into the Paddington scheme to a limited extent. His choice would be too obvious.

The reason why the cast of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant is so great is that it is unexpected and playful. It's not about the nerve-wracking showdown (although there is one in both films). Much more important is how the characters find their way into the cozy, but equally abysmal world. A moment ago everything revolved around juicy oranges, existential questions are being asked.

The Paddington films accomplish an incredible balancing act when it comes to bringing the most diverse themes and emotions under one roof (with jam toast). Here comedy, drama and adventure come together in a rousing vortex of fine nuances. There is just as much space for slapstick moments as there is for the disturbing feelings of an outsider looking for a new home in a foreign country.

I can't wait to finally see Paddington 3 in theaters.

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Are you looking forward to Paddington 3 too?