Huge Dexter twist: important star returns for the sequel - and we can celebrate

Dexter is slated to return later this year for a 9th season and a second finale. Just last week we got a first picture of the Dexter reunion. But apart from leading actor Michael C. Hall aka Dexter Morgen, there hasn't been much known to discover in the series reboot. That should change now.

An old friend in season 9: Accidentally betrayed Dexter's return

A new location far from Miami. A completely new line-up alongside Michael C. Hall. Many a Dexter fan has wondered in the last few weeks what would be left of the serial killer, whom we had come to know and love in 8 seasons, in the series reboot of the 9th season. The return of another main character could now rekindle the anticipation.

But be careful: If you want to go into the reunion with Dexter completely impartially, you should stop reading now, because what has leaked here is likely to be a massive spoiler for Dexter's upcoming 9th season.

The actress, who appears to be joining Dexter in season 9, is none other than Dexter's dead sister Debra Morgan, played by Jennifer Carpenter.

The actress posted a video of her jogging route through a snowy forest on Instagram in February - and deleted it a few minutes later. However, according to Dexter Daily, a fan had already saved the video and recognized it as a location in Massachusetts based on a sculpture on display - the US state where Dexter is currently being shot.

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Of course, this hopeful scavenger hunt for clues of a Debra return can still prove wrong. But the suspicious secrecy (and her trip away from her New York home in Corona times) suggest that Jennifer Carpenter's involvement has hand and foot.

Would Debra's return as a hallucination in Dexter's 9th season be a win?

In addition, Dexter's showrunner Clyde Phillips had already talked himself out of the return of dead characters in an earlier THR podcast interview with the following words: "Thanks to film magic, we have some flexibility. That's all I can say about it." When asked directly about Debra, he deliberately refused to answer.

Since the series has already announced that it will not undo the controversial Dexter finale, there are only two options for meeting Debra again:

The first 8 seasons lived from Dexter and Debra - the return too?

Even when season 9 was just announced, it was clear: Dexter cannot make up for the mistakes of the past. Debra, just vegetating in the hospital bed, died in the last episode of season 8 in an act of grace by her brother. Is their possible return just a cheap solution?

It may feel like this at first, but if the trick of their reunion is tackled properly, the series can benefit from the twist goldmovies a reunion. Dexter lived as a series not only from Michael C. Hall's ingenious dark sunnyboy serial killer, but also from the moral opposite of his constantly cursing, but upright sister: Debra.

It would be a logical step for Dexter's personified conscience to change from father Harry to sister Debra in season 9. Because without the sibling dynamic that is so important, the series would be missing an important element - and, as a new start, might alienate many fans. The only question that arises is what other dead characters who have already canceled their Dexter return could appear.

Dexter Podcast: How will the series look 8 years later and what can we expect in season 9?

Does the lousy ending of Dexter destroy the series? We don't think so. In the Moviepilot podcast Stream Flurry we discuss the unique series:

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We're looking at what makes Dexter so brilliant, what still annoys us about the series, and what wishes and expectations we have for season 9.

Would you welcome Debra's return to Dexter season 9?