Scientists have revived their severed pig heads. Their brains functioned without bodies Researchers at Yale University have accomplished an extraordinary feat that will give terminally ill people hope in the future, for further life and a brain transplant into a new body.

Experiments to keep the brain working outside the body have so far been carried out in pigs, but scientists say they are in the process of being prepared to conduct them on other animals. Over 100 brains were used in the course of the experiments. They were connected to an external artificial circulatory system and the fluids warmed. Scientists managed to keep their brains alive for over 36 hours.

But it is not everything. They also restored the basic brain cellular activity of one of the pigs hours after she was decapitated. It is not yet known whether the brains were fully conscious, but it is certain that the nerve cells remained healthy and capable of normal activity.

The key to this success is a technology developed by specialists called BrainEx. It is an innovative microcirculation system with which you can supply the brain with all the nutrients it needs, without using the rest of the body.

During a presentation of the technology at the National Institutes of Health, scientists said they had been working and improving it over the past 6 years. Although they conducted research on pigs, BrainEx can be easily applied to any living organism, including humans.

Scientists involved in the project also admit that this technique will increase the chances of survival for people after serious accidents or suffering from fatal diseases in the future, while waiting, for example, for the development of really effective methods of brain transplantation into a new, healthy body or even a robot.

Of course, it will not happen soon, because this topic raises a lot of extreme emotions and ethical and moral controversies, because it shifts the border of life and death, but there is a trend in which humanity is slowly but inexorably moving towards the desire to significantly extend life or even achieving immortality. Such technology will make this vision a reality.