Someone climbed the Varso Tower, the tallest building in Poland, and showed the panorama of Warsaw Float 2 Flight climbed the still under construction, the tallest building in Poland and the entire European Union, i.e. Varso Tower, to show us how a beautiful panorama stretches from it to the capital of our country.

Varso Tower is currently over 220 meters, but will eventually be 310 meters. This will make it taller than the German Commerzbank Tower, 300 meters high, and the British The Shard, 309 meters high. We are talking about total height here. As for the height to the roof, Varso will have 230 meters and 53 floors.

Rather, we will never see Warsaw from such a perspective. Float 2 Flight climbed the crane that towers over the skyscraper and the entire city. Although the spire will be an additional 80 meters, no one will be able to legally climb it, so the only thing left is to enjoy such beautiful views.