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NASA: The Voyager-2 probe is alive and sends greetings from the mysterious end of the world

NASA scientists have been unable to establish a connection with the Voyager-2 probe since January this year. Then there were problems with communication, the device entered the safety mode and did not perform the planned maneuver. The probe was to be rotated 360 degrees to calibrate the magnetic field instrument. This means that the two power-hungry systems were running at the same time, exhausting the available energy resources. This was probably what contributed to the problems.

Great Britain urges technology giants to fight e-waste

We would like to remind you that e-waste, or electrowaste, is used electrical and electronic equipment that cannot be thrown away together with other rubbish, because it contains many harmful substances. The rules of dealing with electrowaste and its recovery are regulated by national and European Union regulations. In some countries this problem is smaller, in others it is huge and, according to the recently published report of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), Great Britain is among the leaders of the latter group.

Amazing movie from the moment of landing the Starship prototype and its explosion

Forget consoles for Christmas. You will have a lot more fun with these board games!

The more so that in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which very often forces us to be even more dependent on electronics and technology, sometimes it's good to reset with something more analog. Board games are one of the best options, so we will try to convince you of this hobby by presenting noteworthy titles, both for beginners who are just starting their adventure with this world, and more experienced players. Or maybe you think that board games are not for you, because it's fun for the youngest or just plain boring?

After a year of the pandemic, the richest 1 percent own the wealth of half of humanity

According to Credit Suisse estimates, 2020 and the global pandemic turned out to be a very good time for billionaires. The money they invested earned them more than if CoVID-19 had not emerged. The total wealth of billionaires is already a record $ 10.2 trillion.