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Scientists have revived their severed pig heads. Their brains functioned without bodies

Experiments to keep the brain working outside the body have so far been carried out in pigs, but scientists say they are in the process of being prepared to conduct them on other animals. Over 100 brains were used in the course of the experiments. They were connected to an external artificial circulatory system and the fluids warmed. Scientists managed to keep their brains alive for over 36 hours.

Someone climbed the Varso Tower, the tallest building in Poland, and showed the panorama of Warsaw

Varso Tower is currently over 220 meters, but will eventually be 310 meters. This will make it taller than the German Commerzbank Tower, 300 meters high, and the British The Shard, 309 meters high. We are talking about total height here. As for the height to the roof, Varso will have 230 meters and 53 floors.

Great Britain urges technology giants to fight e-waste

We would like to remind you that e-waste, or electrowaste, is used electrical and electronic equipment that cannot be thrown away together with other rubbish, because it contains many harmful substances. The rules of dealing with electrowaste and its recovery are regulated by national and European Union regulations. In some countries this problem is smaller, in others it is huge and, according to the recently published report of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), Great Britain is among the leaders of the latter group.

Denmark wants to be organic. The country is ending offshore oil and gas extraction

Denmark has long talked about the need to fight climate change and reach for solutions that are better for our planet, setting an example for other countries. Even if it means abandoning much of its tradition related to fossil fuels, because, according to the Press Association and Greenpeace, the Danish parliament has just voted to end oil and gas production in the North Sea by 2025. Thus, it cancels and revokes all exploration and production permits in order to complete the mining works that are currently underway in the coming years.

Korean artificial sun has set a new world record for plasma maintenance

The Chinese recently boasted of launching their new nuclear fusion reactor, the HL-2M (EAST project), and producing plasma, and now their achievements have been eclipsed by the Koreans. KSTAR is much more advanced and efficient. Scientists conducted an experiment in which they managed to create a plasma with a temperature of over 100 million degrees Celsius and hold it for 20 seconds.