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The Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity drone are already halfway to the Red Planet

As a reminder, Perseverance began its journey aboard the Atlas V rocket from United Launch Alliance on July 30 this year, which means that it needs as much as 7 months to reach its destination. Specifically, it is the Jezero Crater, which is located on the edge of Isidis Planitia, a giant basin north of the Mars equator. If all goes according to plan, then a new era of research for the Red Planet will begin, which may provide answers to many questions that plague us, including the most important ones about the traces of life. It should not be forgotten that the Mars Helicopter, a drone called Ingenuity, flew with it, which, if it works, will enable the first controlled flights over the surface of Mars.

As many as 1 billion people will be within the range of the super-fast 5G network by the end of this year

Although many analysts suggest that the implementation of the 5G network has clearly slowed down and will continue to slow down due to the classic adaptation course and the coronavirus pandemic, Ericsson still believes that in about 5 years as much as 60% of the world's population will be able to enjoy the new connectivity technology. In its latest Mobility Report, published this week, the telecommunications giant estimates that by the end of this year, we will reach approximately 220 million subscriptions for 5G services worldwide, and at the same time, 1 billion people will be within the network's reach.

Denmark wants to be organic. The country is ending offshore oil and gas extraction

Denmark has long talked about the need to fight climate change and reach for solutions that are better for our planet, setting an example for other countries. Even if it means abandoning much of its tradition related to fossil fuels, because, according to the Press Association and Greenpeace, the Danish parliament has just voted to end oil and gas production in the North Sea by 2025. Thus, it cancels and revokes all exploration and production permits in order to complete the mining works that are currently underway in the coming years.

Amazing movie from the moment of landing the Starship prototype and its explosion

See the smallest Christmas tree in the world. It was created in the laboratory and consists of only 51 atoms

The atomic Christmas tree was created in the laboratory of the Delft University of Technology. Maura Willems, a physics student, decided to create the smallest Christmas tree in the world. The Christmas tree is made of just 51 atoms and is 4 nanomers tall. Human hair is a giant with it, because it is as much as 40,000 times narrower than it.