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Scientists have revived their severed pig heads. Their brains functioned without bodies

Experiments to keep the brain working outside the body have so far been carried out in pigs, but scientists say they are in the process of being prepared to conduct them on other animals. Over 100 brains were used in the course of the experiments. They were connected to an external artificial circulatory system and the fluids warmed. Scientists managed to keep their brains alive for over 36 hours.

The Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity drone are already halfway to the Red Planet

As a reminder, Perseverance began its journey aboard the Atlas V rocket from United Launch Alliance on July 30 this year, which means that it needs as much as 7 months to reach its destination. Specifically, it is the Jezero Crater, which is located on the edge of Isidis Planitia, a giant basin north of the Mars equator. If all goes according to plan, then a new era of research for the Red Planet will begin, which may provide answers to many questions that plague us, including the most important ones about the traces of life. It should not be forgotten that the Mars Helicopter, a drone called Ingenuity, flew with it, which, if it works, will enable the first controlled flights over the surface of Mars.

Someone climbed the Varso Tower, the tallest building in Poland, and showed the panorama of Warsaw

Varso Tower is currently over 220 meters, but will eventually be 310 meters. This will make it taller than the German Commerzbank Tower, 300 meters high, and the British The Shard, 309 meters high. We are talking about total height here. As for the height to the roof, Varso will have 230 meters and 53 floors.

NASA: The Voyager-2 probe is alive and sends greetings from the mysterious end of the world

NASA scientists have been unable to establish a connection with the Voyager-2 probe since January this year. Then there were problems with communication, the device entered the safety mode and did not perform the planned maneuver. The probe was to be rotated 360 degrees to calibrate the magnetic field instrument. This means that the two power-hungry systems were running at the same time, exhausting the available energy resources. This was probably what contributed to the problems.

Coca-Cola presented its first eco-bottle made of ... paper

Limiting CO2 emissions to the atmosphere is already a standard among global concerns. Unfortunately, this is not enough to better care for the environment. That is why Coca-Cola decided to go a step further and use its customers to make itself a greener company and to give us the satisfaction that we are doing something important for Mother Nature.

Amazing movie from the moment of landing the Starship prototype and its explosion

Forget consoles for Christmas. You will have a lot more fun with these board games!

The more so that in the face of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which very often forces us to be even more dependent on electronics and technology, sometimes it's good to reset with something more analog. Board games are one of the best options, so we will try to convince you of this hobby by presenting noteworthy titles, both for beginners who are just starting their adventure with this world, and more experienced players. Or maybe you think that board games are not for you, because it's fun for the youngest or just plain boring?

After a year of the pandemic, the richest 1 percent own the wealth of half of humanity

According to Credit Suisse estimates, 2020 and the global pandemic turned out to be a very good time for billionaires. The money they invested earned them more than if CoVID-19 had not emerged. The total wealth of billionaires is already a record $ 10.2 trillion.