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The Perseverance rover and the Ingenuity drone are already halfway to the Red Planet

As a reminder, Perseverance began its journey aboard the Atlas V rocket from United Launch Alliance on July 30 this year, which means that it needs as much as 7 months to reach its destination. Specifically, it is the Jezero Crater, which is located on the edge of Isidis Planitia, a giant basin north of the Mars equator. If all goes according to plan, then a new era of research for the Red Planet will begin, which may provide answers to many questions that plague us, including the most important ones about the traces of life. It should not be forgotten that the Mars Helicopter, a drone called Ingenuity, flew with it, which, if it works, will enable the first controlled flights over the surface of Mars.

Coca-Cola presented its first eco-bottle made of ... paper

Limiting CO2 emissions to the atmosphere is already a standard among global concerns. Unfortunately, this is not enough to better care for the environment. That is why Coca-Cola decided to go a step further and use its customers to make itself a greener company and to give us the satisfaction that we are doing something important for Mother Nature.

Great Britain urges technology giants to fight e-waste

We would like to remind you that e-waste, or electrowaste, is used electrical and electronic equipment that cannot be thrown away together with other rubbish, because it contains many harmful substances. The rules of dealing with electrowaste and its recovery are regulated by national and European Union regulations. In some countries this problem is smaller, in others it is huge and, according to the recently published report of the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), Great Britain is among the leaders of the latter group.

After a year of the pandemic, the richest 1 percent own the wealth of half of humanity

According to Credit Suisse estimates, 2020 and the global pandemic turned out to be a very good time for billionaires. The money they invested earned them more than if CoVID-19 had not emerged. The total wealth of billionaires is already a record $ 10.2 trillion.

See the smallest Christmas tree in the world. It was created in the laboratory and consists of only 51 atoms

The atomic Christmas tree was created in the laboratory of the Delft University of Technology. Maura Willems, a physics student, decided to create the smallest Christmas tree in the world. The Christmas tree is made of just 51 atoms and is 4 nanomers tall. Human hair is a giant with it, because it is as much as 40,000 times narrower than it.